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Calgary Midwinter Bluesfest

Ramada Hotel Downtown
Calgary Bluesfest Host Hotel
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Individuals who have been convicted or plead guilty to offenses involving trafficking in drugs, fraud, misappropriation of funds, weapons or violence against a person including sexual assault may not be eligible to volunteer.

* I hereby consent to and authorize Calgary Blues Music Association to conduct a criminal record check.  Yes


Fulfill shift commitments as assigned.
Represent CBMA in a positive manner.
Treat volunteers, performers, staff and the public with respect.
Wear volunteer t-shirt and identification while on duty.
Remove identification and t-shirts when off duty.
Abstain from the use of alcohol while on duty.
Refrain from possession or use of illegal substances.


I understand that Calgary International Blues Festival and Calgary Midwinter Bluesfest are day and night indoor and outdoor events; that the ground cover and lighting are uneven outdoors; that there are many people, temporary facilities, stationary and moving equipment on site as well as other potential hazards.

I agree that the Calgary Blues Music Association (CBMA), its directors, employees, contractors, guests and fellow volunteers are not responsible, and are released from any claim that I might have, for any loss, damage, harm, injury, cost or expense that I might suffer or incur before, during or after the event, at the grounds of Calgary Bluesfest or otherwise in the furtherance of my duties as a volunteer, except in the case of gross or willful negligence on the part of the Society or such persons. I accept the responsibility for my own safety and security and make this waiver on behalf of myself and my legal representatives, successors and assigns.


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