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Calgary Blues Music Association (CBMA) is committed to fostering, preserving and furthering blues music and musicians, as well as presenting some of the finest blues to be found anywhere on the planet.

On Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009 CBMA honoured local and regional artists who have dedicated their careers to blues music in an awards ceremony for the newly formed CBMA Blues Hall of Fame.

Seven categories for the 2009 awards were determined and nominees selected by, the CBMA Board of Directors. Winners in each category were chosen by the public in an online vote at the Calgary Bluesfest website.

2009 Award Winners

Guitar Player of the Year - Johnny V

Bass Player of the Year - Tom Knowles

Keyboard Player of the Year - Bill Dowey

Drummer of the Year - Donald Ray Johnson

Saxophone Player of the Year - Peter Fisher

Harmonica Player of the Year - Richie Pollack

Singer of the Year - Donald Ray Johnson

Hall of Fame Induction
Lifetime Achievement

REVEREND RON - The Blues Witness

In honour of his enormous contributions to the blues music industry, Reverend Ron of CJSW Radio is inducted into the CBMA Hall of Fame and recognized with an award for Lifetime Achievement.

"I have met people while standing somewhere, y'know, at the liquor store or Megatunes. I'll be talking to people. I get people who go, ‘You're the Reverend Ron, you’re the Mojo Navigator.’ That always blows me away, it really does, ’cause I find out there’s all these obscure people all over the city who are actually listening to this station. Just like this artist guy – he did a bunch of blues paintings, I went up to his opening in the Strathcona and he said that he's been listening to me for, like, four years and painting these blues artists." Reverend Ron

Rev Ron – A Quick Bio

  Reverend Ron has been mojo-navigating Calgary’s radio airwaves for close to 18 years on CJSW Radio. You know that the moment you hear ‘Good Old Easy Street’, Rev. Ron is on the air. ‘The Blues Witness’, heard every Wednesday at 6:30pm has delighted, engaged and when he is telling it like it is, has even enraged listeners.

  Any blues musician or promoter – local or visiting from afar – knows that they are always welcome to stop by his show and talk about their music and anything else that matters. Rev Ron’s passion for the blues continues to help keep Calgary on the map as a home of the blues.

  Rev Ron’s dedication to the blues goes beyond hosting a weekly radio show. He is an ardent supporter of all types of music, seen at festivals and concerts, as well as demonstrations and important community events. Rev Ron’s efforts to facilitate true community change have lead him to be the unofficial spokesperson for the Arusha Centre and their community barter system, Calgary Dollars.

  Reverend Ron is a true champion of the blues, of CJSW Radio and of the community.
Chad Saunders, Station Manager, CJSW Radio

CBMA Blues Hall of Fame Awards - Past Winners

Guitarist of the Year - Amos Garrett

Bass Player of the Year - Suitcase James

Drummer of the Year - Donald Ray Johnson

Keyboard Player of the Year - Ron Casat

Harmonica Player of the Year - Richie Pollack

Sax Player of the Year - Mike Clark

2008 Hall of Fame Inductions

In 2008, four legendary Canadian artists were inducted In Memorium into the CBMA Hall of Fame.

Back Alley John

Doug Riley

Long John Baldry

Jimmy Payne