Vasti Jackson
Calgary International Blues Festival (2015)

Question: What do BB King, The Grammys, Harry Connick Jr., Martin Scorsese, Wynton Marsalis, and Cassandra Wilson, have in common?

Answer: Vasti Jackson!

Mississippi living blues legend, Cultural ambassador, and 2012 Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame inductee, Vasti Jackson is a powerful force in the world of the music! As an artist, Vasti is known for sweat-drenched, soul-ripping live performances marked by some of the most stunning and innovative guitar playing today. Vasti's stellar vocals and fiery guitar leave a lasting impression on all that are lucky enough to experience his music.

The 2015 release of his sixth CD Down Home Woman celebrates beauty, power, and passion in a soulful homage to the down home essence in all women. Vasti Jackson is a soulful world renowned guitarist, and vocalist whose presence captures an audience the moment he takes the stage.

Vasti (pronounced Vast-Eye) Jackson is a consummate performer, songwriter, arranger, and producer. From his early beginnings playing in churches, and juke joints in McComb, Mississippi, to festivals, Concerts, and theatres around the world, Vasti move effortlessly from Blues to Soul to Jazz to Funk to gospel to pop, and beyond.

"Mississippi-native Vasti Jackson is real blues renaissance man-skilled at nearly every facet of the music industry. Vasti is a guitarist (electric and acoustic), vocalist, songwriter, actor, educator, front-man, side-man, bandleader arranger, session musician, label owner, and producer. He can focus like a laser and knows how to get the job done no matter what you put in front of him."
Brett J. Bonner Editor, Living Blues Magazine

Vasti Jackson