Vargas Blues Band
Calgary Bluesfest (2007)

"Vargas is like a rainbow, he has all of a rainbow's colours, he feels the same passion as I do when we embrace world music. He has a brilliant future ahead of him." Carlos Santana

International blues-rock phenomenon Javier Vargas may not be a household name in Canada, but it's only a matter of time until the acclaimed guitarist captures the heart of the nation with his sizzling blues guitar style and zesty Latin flavour.

Spain's number one guitar hero is that nation's answer to S.R.V., and without a doubt earns the comparison for his guitar mastery and contemporary blues sound . Vargas has performed and recorded with a who's who of the blues, rock and world music scenes, with strong ties to the US music scene for his work with Carey Bell, Louisiana Red, and members of Double Trouble, as well as several appearances with the legendary Carlos Santana, who also recorded one of Vargas' songs in the mid 90's.

Javier Vargas formed the Vargas Blues Band 1998, releasing the first of many hit records that same year. Known for their diversity of musical styles from blues to rock, soul, flamenco and Latin music, the group are popular feature artists at major festivals throughout Europe including The Great British R&B Festival, and the Antwerp R& B Festival, among the many.