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The Firm Handshake
Calgary Buesfest (2007)

Playing an invigorated take on blues music, The Firm Handshake have been turning heads at blues jams for a few years now. As teens they quickly became frustrated by a stifling indie music scene. Realizing that the only way to cut their teeth was with their musical betters, the Handshake began playing open stages and sticking around for the lessons handed down by the hosts. This steady diet of Calgary’s finest blues, mixed with their own musical curiosity, has evolved into an unmistakable brand of groove. With a widespread appeal and a ‘perform wherever you can, whenever you can’ philosophy, a loyal following began to emerge. Now on the Calgary blues scene those in the know are more than aware of The Firm Handshake sound. Jon Kutney (drums), Matt Walkey (bass), Steve Rozitis (guitar), Kurtis Downs (guitar), John Groenen (vocals)