Smiling Jack Smith
(with David Gwynne)
Calgary Bluesfest (2011)

It has been a long and winding road, as the song goes, and the musical story is as changing and varied as the geographical. From crooner and tap-dancer in the 50s and folk-singer in the 60s in NY, to folk rocker in the 70s and 80s in Vancouver, a short stint as a country artist in Florida in the early 90s and, then in the last visit to NJ, the blues began to be the driving force in his music.

Some shows with Johnny Clyde Copeland and Charlie Musselwhite added energy to the transformation and so, in Spain, when asked for the first time what kind of music he played he had to answer truthfully, 'Blues'.

And so the last 15 years in Spain has been a kind of living experiment and distillation process, where all the influences of his early music have played a part in the ever-changing blues of Smiling Jack.

Smiling Jack Smith