Richie Pollack
Calgary Bluesfest (2005, 2007)

CBMA Blues Hall of Fame
Harmonica Player of the Year 2008

"Calgary's Richie Pollack "plays the living tar outa that thing."
-CBC Radio
Having cut his teeth over the past fifteen years or so with some of the best in the biz (many of which hail from Calgary), Richie has come into his own and is ready to take the diatonic harmonica (aka-blues harp) to the next level!

Nominated for The Western Canadian Music Award for outstanding blues recording in 2006, Richie is looking forward to blowin' your mind with what he can do with the 'ole "tin sandwich". Challenging style and stereotype, Richie and his stellar band will grab your attention from the first note and keep you going 'til they pull the plug!