Richard Perso
Calgary International Blues Festival (2013)

Australia's Richard Perso has performed at more than 95 different festivals in Australia, and he's still just 22 years old. While he doesn't seem to have enough arms, legs or lungs to pull off such a physically demanding performance, that doesn't stop this multi-tasking male from playing 3 didgeridoos, driving a weapons cache of 3 over driven acoustic guitars, somehow managing to replace the roll of a drummer with little more than his 2 feet and singing with a voice that sits somewhere between Barry White and Eddie Vedder. Outside of the hectic festival season, Richard Perso is playing shows in different venues all over the country.

Singer/songwriter Richard Perso is a multi-instrumentalist who single-handedly redefines the phrase "one-man band." Sitting on a stomp box with a drum pedal under his left foot and a tambourine under his right, Perso strums on one of his many guitars, and hollers like a 1930's bluesman in his low-range bluesy voice. All of Perso's guitars have two pick-ups, one of which runs clean acoustic directly to the desk. The second from a P90 under the strings runs into an effects pedal board that he controls with his feet when he is not busy controlling the kick drum or tambourine. Additionally, all of Perso's music is created live on stage without any backing tracks. What you see on stage is what you get, a rare breed of multi tasking male generating more activity than many bands. On top of all this intense musical action, his trademark is adding in some notes played on one of his three didgeridoos.

And to think that this started from a competition he entered as a dare. Following a string of other wins Richard hit the festival circuit and the momentum quickly became a tidal wave. In the November and December of 2009, Richard recorded his debut album in New York and returned in May of 2010 to complete a 6-week tour of the Northeast of the U.S.A and the South-East of Canada. Perso has a developed sound that blends Australian cultural heritage with blues, roots, rock and folk. It's quite an achievement for someone who picked up the guitar at the age of 13 and started playing professionally by the age of 15. Richard recorded his second album in New York in September 2012, performed in FAA in Toronto in February, then returned for the Canadian festival season in July and August. The world never stops for a musician describing his life as "Living the Dream".

Chris Atwell from Tamar Valley festival said: "We opened with Richard as we wanted to start the festival with a bang. What an understatement when Richard exploded onto the stage"

Richard Perso