Paul James
Midwinter Bluesfest (2009)

One of the most exciting and energetic Toronto-based Canadian musicians ... past, present and future.

Paul James is a Canadian cultural icon. A veteran entertainer, this player has seen all that this crazy music business has to offer. His talents as a guitarist, vocalist, band leader, stage acrobatic, and songwriter have allowed James to produce the music he loves for over three decades.

Paul James is a real musician's musician. He is constantly surrounded by the worlds stage as big time players such as Mink De Ville, Bo Diddley, Bob Dylan, John Hammond, Spencer Davis, Lightnin' Hopkins, Jack Scott and Sunnyland Slim, to mention a few.

Paul James is a Juno winner (Canadian music industry award) in the Best Roots and Traditional Music category... not surprizing! And Paul has received two Toronto Music awards for Best Club Band and Best Blues Artist.

What The Critics Say:

"He's generally acknowledged as one of Canada's finest R&B guitarists and has played with the greats of the genre. Bo Diddley, John Hammond, Lightnin' Hopkins, he's burned up riffs with them all. When the inimitable Willy Deville was putting together a band for his '83 European tour, he scoured North America for the most authentic R&B axeman to be found and came up with Paul James." - Lenny Stoute (Music Express)

"Refreshingly free from poses and pretentions, Paul James is a genuine, authentic rock & roller, a first rate singer, writer, performer - traditional in the very sense of the work." - Canadian Musician (David Hazen, Toronto)

"Feeling jaded with the new-fangled synthetic and synthesized rock but tired of the golden mouldy oldies? Toronto-based Paul James Band is the answer. The music and lyrics are mostly brand new, but the rhythm-and-blues musical style is back in the middle 50's when rock was an infant crying for recognition." - Paul Bennett (Victoria B.C. Times)

"In the spirit of bo Diddley and Chuck Berry comes Torontoian Paul James, Canada's answer to George Thorogood." - The Sunshiner (Edmonton)