Kinsey Report
Calgary Bluesfest (2007)

"'The band is telepathically tight, and its impact is devastating."
Down Beat"

“ Donald Kinsey’s resume includes a longtime stint (as lead guitar player) with the legendary Bob Marley , as well as Peter Tosh and playing alongside of blues icon Albert King” Eric Volmers-Calgary Herald

Kinsey Report has a sound that's funky, street-smart, and up-to-the minute, yet with roots as deep as the blues themselves. The brothers all have solo careers and have worked with musicians ranging from the Staple Singers to Peter Tosh and Bob Marley. And they can handle their father's classic Albert King-style blues as though they were born doing it.

They've put it all together in the Kinsey Report, a smoky, intense blues-rock fusion that'll have you on the edge of your seat. Were they named after researcher Alfred Kinsey's groundbreaking book on human sexuality? Come, feel the heat in the room, and decide for yourself.

Kinsey Report