Devon Allman's Honeytribe
Calgary Bluesfest (2007)

Say the name Allman and many things jump to mind: the epitome of Southern Rock, the original “jam” band, legendary live shows, the list goes on. Devon Allman’s Honeytribe is all of these things – and none of them at the same time. Genetics aside, this band will please fans of Santana, BB King, The Black Crowes and Widespread Panic. They’ve played with everyone from The Disco Biscuits to Gov’t Mule (of course they’ve shared the stage with The Allman Bros. Band) and they’ve played everywhere from Colorado to Madrid (and all points in between). Honeytribe is truly a worldwide tour de force.

Allman, whose voice is reminiscent of his father, Gregg, and who’s guitar playing calls to mind other guitar gods, has gathered a group of A-list musicians from mid-west America that creates music with heart and soul. “We are truly a brotherhood, I feel ultra honored to share the stage with these cats night in and night out,” says Allman. Mark Oyarzabal (drums), “My right hand playing guitar has been married to Mark’s drum kit for 13 years. He makes me a better player.” George Potsos (bass), “He knows when to rip your head off and knows when to lay back. He totally keeps us in stitches on the road.” Jack Kirkner (keyboards), “My soul brother. Knows just how to work a Hammond B-3 Organ.” Honeytribe manage to pay respect to the past while crafting a unique blend of sweet noise. The band’s chemistry and inarguable talent make for a rock-n-roll juggernaut.

The synergy of this band on stage is something to behold. Shifting from fiery delta blues standards to their own rock-based material, this band inspires all who bear witness to their live performances. Honeytribe has something for all music lovers.

Honeytribe has had a busy year - touring the U.S. and Europe; working on material for their debut CD, Torch, for Atlanta-based label Livewire Recordings; and being featured on a top ten hit in Europe with The Vargas Blues Band. The band promises to continue touring for the rest of 2006 in both the U.S. and overseas.

The band recorded Torch at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN between January and May 2006. The album was co-produced by Devon Allman and Pete Matthews (Paul Simon, North Mississippi All Stars). Describing the title track, Allman says, “There comes a point in life where you finally feel like you've dropped the oars in the great river of life. You are no longer fighting the natural flow of things, but trusting and embracing. This song reminds me of the need to stay true to yourself and work your ass off.” It’s this philosophy that ensures this band will be around for a good long time.

Devon Allman's Honeytribe