Eddie "The Chief" Clearwater

Calgary Bluesfest (2005)

Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater is a versatile, flamboyant Chicago blues rocker who can perform good-natured party music and original, deep, melancholy blues with equal finesse. "It's country, blues and rock 'n' roll combined, high energy music," Clearwater says of his trademark sound.

With his distinctive blend of Chuck Berry-style rock, his left-handed/upside-down guitar playing and dramatic stage performances, Clearwater quickly developed a reputation as a great showman with a diverse repertoire. He recorded several singles and performed clubs for the next 20 years, but remained a hidden treasure until recognition began to come when he toured Europe, and recorded for France's MCM Company. His U.S. debut album, "The Chief", was named after Clearwater's affinity for wearing the full Indian headdress given to him as a good luck charm.

The Chief is the winner of W.C. Handy Award for "Best Import Blues Album", and three W. C. Handy Award nominations, "Blues Song Of The Year", "Blues Artist Most Deserving Wider Recognition" and "Blues Song Of The Year". Touring internationally, he performs 200+ concerts a year. With his powerful left-handed guitar playing, unique hybrid of West Side blues and relentless rockabilly, stage costumes, and high energy performances, Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater lives up to his reputation as one of the most versatile and colorful entertainers to have emerged from Chicago's blues scene.    www.eddyclearwater.com