E.C. Scott
Calgary Bluesfest (2008)

Modern blues singer E.C. Scott brings a funky '90s sensibility to her classic soul and gospel influenced blues. Raised in Oakland, California, Scott grew up listening to gospel music; as she grew older, she began to ignore her mother's restrictions on secular music and started listening to the rich soul sounds she heard on the radio, the R&B music of Gladys Knight, Dinah Washington, Bobby Bland, and Clarence Carter.

At the young age of 16, Scott began singing in nightclubs and quickly developed a large, loyal following. She was being talked up as one of the area's rising young stars until her marriage and family obligations put her career on hold. However, when her two children were old enough, Scott decided to resume her singing career.

She initially worked as a jazz stylist, but soon returned to the R&B she felt more at home with. With her new band, Smoke, Scott began playing the San Francisco club scene, taking over as the house band at Slim's, the area's premier blues nightspot. Scott soon began touring the country and signed with Blind Pig Records in 1994. Her debut album, Come Get Your Love, was released the following year, and was followed in 1998 by Hard Act to Follow.

Ranked among the best of the female blues singers in recent years, Scott has one of the sexiest, smoothest, and most understated deliveries in the genre and is a powerhouse entertainer to boot. Many critics note that she is a singer, not merely a shouter, who sings with grace, control and passion. And her self-described "blues with a hip-hop flavor" style marks her as a creative R&B vocalist on the cutting edge of the blues.