Duris Maxwell
Kaos Blues Festival (2005), Guitarmania Vlll (2007)

Canadian drummer Duris Maxwell has a musical biography that reads like a who's who of music legends, his credits include performing and/or recording with the likes of David Foster, Jerry Doucette, Jimi Hendrix, Heart, Jefferson Airplane, Powder Blues Band, and Jim Byrnes, to name a few. Maxwell's drumming epitomizes every musician dream, his style crisp, clean, and 'crunchy', providing the driving force behind every ensemble he lends his masterful sound to. Technically he is a wizard, his skills dynamic and stick-work outstanding, but it's his ability to create space between the notes that makes his biggest musical statement. What takes him to the upper echelon of players is the abounding energy he brings to his performances... riveting aurally, visually, and spiritually, the world appears to stand still when this man is behind the drumset. Making his first professional appearance at the tender age of thirteen, Duris was born of the Mohawk nation and nurtured on the musical path in his early years by his musician parents and two local drum teachers. Hitting the road in 1960 with Evan Kemp and the Trail Riders, he celebrated his 15th birthday on the tour and gained some experience. After intensive training with Jim Blackley in Vancouver, Duris joined Little Daddy and the Bachelors, one of Tommy Chong's (Cheech and Chong) early endeavors. In 1967 he played at legendary venues such as The Cave (Vancouver) and The Eagles Auditorium (Seattle) with the original members of The Temptations, Roy Head (Treat Her Right) and Johnny Rivers. Playing one the first double bass-drum kits in Canada, Duris lent his sound to the The Good Shepherds, 2/3 of whom (Duris, Robbie King, and Ed Patterson - along with Bobby Taylor, Tommy Chong, and Wes Henderson collectively called Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers) later recorded an album that was produced by Berry Gordy of Motown Records, touring extensively throughout North America. It was on a tour to England that they shared the stage with the legendary Jimi Hendrix, who invited Duris to join his band. Bound to a recording contract with Motown as an artist and songwriter at that time, Duris was unable to accept the offer. A number of famous British Rock legends were there that night, including the late Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. Spending the next years between Canada and the US, he played with Edmonton group Privilege before starting his own Vancouver-based band, Brahman. In the US, Duris spent time in L.A. as part of David Foster's Skylark and joined the A-list of session players, and in Miami recorded studio tracks for rock Rock group Bang (Bow To The King). The other drum tracks were played by the late Bruce Gary of The Knack. Throughout the 70's and 80's Duris played and/or recorded with Alexis Rose Radlin, Dixon House, The Irish Rovers, Heart, Jerry Doucette, Powder Blues, Trooper, and the Headpins. He also recorded some work tracks for Gene Simmons of Kiss at Pinewood Studios in Vancouver. The man himself is profound and complex, a fine mix of gentility and aggression that he so eloquently pours into his music. One cannot write about Duris without mentioning his intellect, he's a highly intelligent individual that possesses an insatiable thirst for learning. It's this gift that moved him to study law at the age of 41, obtaining his degree after only two years of undergraduate study instead of the usual four years. To illustrate, one can just as easily discuss Buddism as boxing with this man, his knowledge of both equivalent and vast. One of those rare individuals that has a keen interest in all qualities of life, he in turn weaves them into the fabric of his work and his spirit. After spending several years on the west coast, in recent years Duris Maxwell has made Calgary his home, where he has played with Canadian greats including Nigel Mack, Ron Irving, the Billy Joe Green Band, Johnny V, Texas Flood. His latest endeavour is performing/recording with guitarist songwriter Guy Chaput as part of the Sci-fi Band.