David Gwynne
(with Smiling Jack Smith)
Calgary Bluesfest (2011)

David Gwynn was born David Lance Guynes in San Francisco, California on December 4, 1952 into a family with a deep musical tradition. His father worked as a bricklayer and wrote country songs, and lived next to another bricklayer and aspiring songwriter named Harlan Howard. Houseguests would sometimes include the likes of Willie Nelson, members of the Carter Family, Roger Miller and many more.

David worked professionally throughout California as a guitarist playing many styles throughout the 70s, including with some real legends of country music history. During this period he began consciously working his roots and influences into one style. Then in 1984, as fate would have it, David arrived in Madrid, Spain on a small tour and met his wife, Rosa, on the very first day there. Since then he has worked as a producer, composer, teacher and studio musician - recording and touring with many well-known Spanish artists and groups.