Chet Defreese Band
Calgary International Blues Festival (2016)

Chet DeFreese is a songwriter and musician from the parched prairies of Southern Alberta. Over the years he has explored many genres of North American folk music from jazz to outlaw country all tied together with his gritty blues guitar stylings.

Lately he has come full circle back to the music that ignited his passion for folk music, the blues. "The first time I heard the blues at 10 years old, my life was irrevocably changed. Ever since it has been something I've carried with me and put into every note I've played," says DeFreese. The unifying force behind his music is his guitar.

A multi instrumentalist, he loves to play, in his words, 'anything with strings on it." Guitar, slide, mandolin, baritone, lap & pedal steel and everything in between are what you can expect to hear at one of his shows. Don't miss out on Alberta's best kept secret the gritty and gregarious Chet DeFreese.

Chet DeFreese