Burnin' Time Blues Band
Calgary Bluesfest (2008)

When Colin Farnsworth arrived on the scene in Calgary 6 years ago, he brought with him a lifetime of experience in music, and a burning desire to play the blues. He has earned his way up through the ranks with both his guitar and his vocals. His performance style has been referred to as "pumped-up blues" and has grabbed the attention of audiences and promoters alike.

His energy and enthusiasm for the blues was even able to lure Kat Vance, a classical player from the deep South, to Calgary to play drums with him. A professional player since age 16, Kat debuted with the Atlanta Symphony at 19, and along the way earned a Master's Degree in Orchestral Performance. She has played with everyone from Brenda Lee to YoYo Ma, but now confesses that blues is the true "guilty pleasure" of her life.

As much fun as they were having playing together, there was something more to come. Colin had often told the story of his answer to his Mums yearly question "What do you want for Christmas?": a horn section. Not exactly something that Santa could fit into his stocking, so for years Colin had just shrugged and smiled. But that year at Christmas, Kat gave him.a horn section. At least, she contracted the players and got the arrangements together. The Burnin' Time Blues Band was ignited.

The Burnin' Time Blues Band now includes a horn section of local luminaries Mike Clark, Doug Zacharias and Dave Reid; keyboard man Scott Moore, up and coming guitar gunslinger Morgan Turk, long-time Calgary bassist Bill Price, Kat on drums, and of course, Colin on guitar and vocals. Their debut in the summer of 2007 wowed audiences and wagged tongues all over town. They have definitely found an audience in those who already love the blues, and those who love it after hearing this exciting, fun band.