Adele & the Krusers
Calgary Buesfest (2006, 2007)

Kelly Kruse, founder and inspiration for Adele & the Krusers, is known throughout western Canada for his many years spent as an in-demand sideman on the drum chair. Known for his versatility and rock-solid groove, Kelly has performed in a number of groups and a range of styles for over two decades.

After spending most of his time on the road with touring bands, Kelly opted for a settled routine in Calgary and began putting the pieces together for his long-term project, stretching his musical versatility and creating the fun-time, dance-party groove that he felt was missing in so many blues bands.

Now playing guitar, writing and singing, Kelly has formed Adele & the Krusers to fill that musical void, who have since built a strong and loyal following in Calgary clubs. Featuring the lead vocals of Adele Leger, Paul Wells (keyboards, saxophone, vocals), Steve Ruddy (bass, vocals) and John Jackson (drums), the group is well-loved for their funky mix of blues and R&B.