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Thank you for a terrific weekend!!! Calgary needs more of THAT!!! I was noticing your photographer running around taking pictures of the weekend events. Will those pictures be published??? Are they going to be available to the public??? I would love to see the collage of memories and moments of the weekend!!!
Donna - audience member

I had a great time at the festival. My compliments to you and Maurice for putting together a well-run event. A few people commented that they were impressed with the organization of the festival. There was lots of great music and the venue seemed perfect.
Dale - sponsor

I admired observing how you oversaw the entire festival this past w/e. Great job!
Cathy - volunteer

Thanks for a great week-end of live blues and thanks for inviting Strayt Jacket to play on Saturday night. The guys had a blast. We're looking forward to the "Second Annual" already!
Gord - band agent

the way you utilized local talent as opposed to international and kept it so tight it was just wonderful. Can't wait till next year.
Morley - audience member

I had a wonderful time at your 1st blues fest. You and your volunteers did a fantastic job. Much larger venues could learn a thing or two from you about how to organize such an event. A special hats off to the sound and production crew for running things so well and on time. Again thank you and I hope you will do it again next year.
Bob - audience member

It was nice to feel part of group and making a contribution. I really enjoyed myself .. the volunteer party was great. To these talented musicians jam was awesome. I am planning on volunteering again next year as well.
Andrew - volunteer

I loved the whole thing. The sound and production was top notch. Every thing went so smooth. The big name American acts have nothing on our Canadian acts.
- audience member

Good site & some excellent music!
- audience member

We had a great time!
- audience member

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to you as well. You have been terrific! I was treated so well and felt so appreciated by you and Maurice. I had a wonderful time this past weekend, and I hope you will consider me as a volunteer for next year's 2nd annual KAOS Blues Festival. It has been a pleasure working for you.
Cheryl - volunteer

Visiting your beautiful city from Australia, staying with friends who are huge blues fans. Loved the event!
- audience member

Enjoyed the crowd size, don't get any bigger! Start on Friday!
- audience member

Hi Cindy - I must say, you put a smile in my heart, watching you drive all those people and little kiddies around, doing the Queen's wave. Great. Can we do it all again next year? Maybe I should wait a bit before asking that . . .Relax and enjoy your summer. You - and everyone - did a great job. Proud to be a part of it.
Tratt - volunteer

It was so enjoyable not to have to fight crowds as you so often have to do in a big city. I totally enjoyed my weekend all the acts were soooo good. I would really like to see it remain small but I know that is virtually impossible, everything must grow. I am very glad to say that I went to the first one which was perfect. Thank you so much.
- audience member

It was a most enjoyable festival. Congratulations, and I am pleased there will be another next year.
- audience member

I just wanted to send you this email and let you know how much I enjoyed my volunteering at the festival last weekend. It was great meeting all of you and I look forward to seeing you again. I took the liberty of sending a letter to the Calgary Herald letting all other Calgarians my thoughts and views.
Andrew - volunteer

I had a fabulous time meeting everyone and listening to some GREAT music!!! Quick turnaround time between acts! Awesome work!
- audience member

The lineup was GREAT. Talent extraordinaire. Good mix of local and non-local performers. Maybe next year, start some Friday night.
- audience member

I am sure it was a very busy and hectic time for you. Hope all is well, and it was a pleasure meeting you. Let me know if it was a success or not. Thanks
Mark - volunteer

Hello Maurice, on behalf of Texas Flood I would like to sincerely thank you for including us in the Kaos Blues Festival. The venue and the line-up were both outstanding and it would seem as though all us crazy musicians had a great time! Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you in the future. Thanks again.
Leah - artist

Thanks for inviting me to do the gig, I hope that all went well. The staging and production was very professional, and I thought it was great.
Bill Hills - artist

TRIPLE KUDOS TO YOU CINDY for keeping us all on our toes. If you need us again, please count us in. Perhaps, I could be helpful at the planning stages…wonderful to meet all of you. Maurice and crew included. Excellent fellow. take a deep breath, n call for your next function. I'll be there like white on rice.
Linda - volunteer

good mix of local acts with some big names. 2 days was great... don't grow too big.... Really enjoyed it and had a great time !!!
- audience member

very well organized, great music the Festival was great- audience member

I was pleased there wasn't a huge crush… The lineup was GREAT. Talent extradordinaire. Good mix of local and non-local performers.
Dale - audience member

Convenient setup at ballpark, well planned continuous entertainment
- audience member

Excellent music!
- audience member

Great job guys & gals! Great value for the acts presented! Nice blend of local and international acts, nice open venue, easy access for parking.
- audience member

Friendly volunteers, venue where you can drink alcohol while watching bands.
- audience member

Very well organized.
- audience member

Relaxed atmosphere, reasonable prices. Crank up the tunes!
- audience member

It was a blast working at the festival, and even more fun to listen to the music. It was a great experience, and I would do it again next year! Thanks to everyone's efforts I think it was a fabulous event and can only grow from here.
Charlene - volunteer

No miners to allow beer on the grounds! The music was excellent (and the dancing!)
- audience member

Excellent services available ie: volunteers, food & beverage, parking, washroom facilities.
- audience member

I was happy to be a part of the event on Saturday. It was slow in the info area, which must mean attendees had everything they needed and/or expected. Nice job in running a smooth festival, Cindy. Congrats to you and Maurice for pulling off such a great event
Ruth - volunteer was fun and I would do it again. Thanks, Cindy...sleep lots-you earned it!
Clari - volunteer

it was an even greater pleasure to meet you cindy. I think you did a job that no one could have done better. i tip my hat to you as without you, this would never have happened. you can count on me for any thing in the future that could arise. it would be nice to get everyone together for a little party. You did a wonderful and tiresome job that not many ppl would even consider. it was my pleasure to help you and meet you. once again cindy GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT JOB!!!!!!!!
Brad - volunteer

We are responsible adults, a cool refreshing beverage aka beer while sitting in one's lawn chair should be acceptable.
- audience member

Generally very good, should be able to have a beer in our lawn chairs.
- audience member

Neil & I had a really good time and will definitely want to do it again next year. Do keep in touch as you start planning, and if you need some help drop me a line, if I can swing the extra time, I'd be glad to help out.
Lynn - volunteer

I had a great time, I can't wait to do it all again.
Will - volunteer

Thanks for a great weekend. I will for sure be back next year to if you have one. The music was outstanding and so was the organising! I also love the web site and I hear your assistant producer is also the designer. wowoohwah! Great job folks.
Walter - audience member

I feel the event was very well organised and presented, the venue had an excellent "home town" vibe, the sound system and stage setup were ideal, and the performers and performances were OUTSTANDING! I congratulate you, Maurice, and the other key organisers for putting on an exceptional event. I think I had a rather easy time for my part, my only complication was I had also previously committed as volunteer sound man on the mobile stages for Pre Stampede Breakfasts for both Sat and Sun mornings, thus my days over the weekend ended up a bit long, otherwise I would have been happy to pitch in for a more active part. The performers I spoke with were also very happy. It was a real treat to see my guitar teacher from a few years back Bill Johnson again. The headliners were all great, Amos is always an inspiration to us "more mature fellows", Johnny V with that Big-Bottom Horn Section literally blew me away. Thanks again for the highlight of the summer.
Dave - volunteer

I did have a great time and met some great people! I hope you all - being the "big-wig organizers" thought it went well and you made some cash!?! thanks again & take care!
Sue - volunteer

GOOD JOB Cindy - et al. I really enjoyed the whole setting and the music, except for the weather... Put me on the list for next year!
Bill - volunteer

Outstanding job buddy!! Very impressive. And the back-line crew were tremendous. I've seen three times the number of crew members not do half the job they did. The whole thing was a great experience...
Duris - artist

I'm back in Chicago.....and thanks again for such a great time in Calgary. Please extend my thanks to Maurice as well. Everyone was so nice and more friendly than I ever would have expected.......Chicago people are just not like you folks. Thanks again for everything and if you or Maurice ever make plans on coming to Chicago, let me know and I'll show you a great time here.
Lenny - artist

It was nice to feel part of group and making a contribution. I really enjoyed myself .. the volunteer party was great. To these talented musicians jam was awesome I am planning on volunteering again next year as well Cindy. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care.
Andrew - volunteer

The Blues Festival was the best thing that I have experienced in a long time, It felt like a big Kitchen Party....:-) Great Venue!!!!!!!!!!!! and I would like to give my thanks to two very hard working people for making it happen, Of course having Maurice stick his neck out and making it happen $$$$$$$$, TAKES SOME GUTS TO DO THAT, a real man!!!!!, but you where the force, and no doubt to be reckoned with.....:-) working with you was very pleasant, you are a real gem darl'n, so, the both you, Maurice and you, made it happen, heck, I bet you had some worries, but you did it, Thank you for a great weekend, still going through withdrawl,.......listening to The Rev's show "Blues Witness", CJSW. having a few cans, and enjoying my memories......:-) Very proud to have helped out for the first Kaos Blues Festival, It was Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike - volunteer

It's my pleasure to experience this blues fest. I would like you to forward this E-mail / pictures to someone who enjoy this blues fest as much as I did.
Dave- volunteer

Get the Stampede to open additional parking lots on 12th Ave. Good organization on keeping to schedule.
- audience member

Fabulous site, top quality bands.
- audience member

Should be able to have a beer where you are seated watching the performers.
- audience member

You did a GREAT JOB I have to tell you.... I had so much fun. Thank you for having me!
Jolanda - volunteer

I just want to congratulate you on a great weekend and for pulling off a great festival I just want to mention that I met some great people over the weekend too - it's nice to meet new people, especially when they're good people. The volunteers on the gate (the ones I actually met) were a terrific group of people, in my opinion! Great weekend! Can't tell you enough but I'll keep this email short be proud of yourself!! It's deserved!!
Lonni - volunteer

You guys did an excellent job and earned every word of praise I read. I ditto what Duris had to say... He and I were both blown away by the efficiency of the stage crew. But to be totally honest every volunteer I encountered at the festival was polite and professional. It started with the folks checking vehicles into the parking and the smile never left my face the whole weekend... Thanks for making us feel like a somebody... Big Cyberhugs to all of you....
Johnny V - artist

You're are so was a very fun and melodic event. I'd be pleased to volunteer again.
Clari - volunteer

Thank you, Cindy. You are to be congratulated - good Volunteers come from good management and organization. You put in a lot of hours... and heart... and likely spirit to help pull off a success. Keep me on your call list.
Lisa - volunteer

Want to say thanks to you and Maurice… I had a GREAT time, GREAT music and met a lot of GREAT people…Many thanks
John Hutchings - volunteer

hey cindy, i will certainly be around next year to volunteer if you need me. Nicole - volunteer I had a good time that day. I keep thanking a solid breakfast of bacon and eggs that held me until I got my teeth into the beef bun. I felt a bit ill-informed at the gate about prize winners and price for children (up until what age got in free). Otherwise, it was fun.
Lynn - volunteer

Eddie Clearwater and the Mrs. were great... I found the festival to be great and I hope that when the numbers are in there is encouragement for next year. Absolutely would love to volunteer again.
Louis - volunteer

Thank you for a great time. I am in for next year for sure.
Katrina - volunteer

Let me be another to pass on some sunshine and roses to you for a great job on the 1st Kaos Blues Festival!! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of something fabulous!! I had a great time and really look forward to seeing and hearing from you again and truly hope to play a bigger part in the next one! The line-up was fantastic, and for a first time out the organization and overall feel of the festival was really well put together...GOOD JOB!!
Michelle - volunteer

A big Thank You for such a great weekend of blues!! Everything worked out great, staging and music went smoothly and everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves.
Judy & Colin - volunteers

It was an excellent time with excellent people. I find it simply amazing that we can get over 200 volunteers together and everyone gets along and has a good time. …thanks for organizing it all - it was a definite blast, the venue was awesome - I had a great time and will definitely do it again. Music makes it all go around...
Kim - volunteer

I enjoyed the weekend…
Leslie - volunteer

I had a fabulous time meeting everyone and listening to some GREAT music!!! … if I can be of any help at any time during the planning and execution of next year's festival ... I'M IN!!!
Michelle - volunteer

I totally enjoyed my weekend all the acts were soooo good. I would really like to see it remain small but I know that is virtually imposible everything must grow. I am very glad to say tho I went to the first one which was perfect. Thank you so much.
Paula - audience member

Great site! The whole lineup first rate!
- audience member

Good for the first time!
- audience member

Good organization keeping to schedule. All bands would be good to see again.
- audience member

Fabulous music, top quality bands
- audience member

Should be able to drink alcohol from our seats while watching performers.
- audience member

We appreciate the low band change out time.
- audience member

Event was good, music was great.
- audience member

Everyone was excellent. The music was excellent, short changeover times, & the artists seemed happy. The magazine/program was very well done, as was the website. Keep the Stage & Sound crews (top notch). I enjoyed being a volunteer and thoroughly enjoyed the festival. See you next year. -volunteer

The festival site sits on the north-east corner of Stampede Park. Calgary Transit provides regular bus service to the site with it's Route 403 bus, stopping at 12th Ave. and 6th St. S.E. Although there is limited street and lot parking, we suggest considering public transit option for your convenience. The Stampede/Erlton LRT station is also just blocks away!