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Calgary Midwinter Bluesfest

Ramada Hotel Downtown
Calgary Bluesfest Host Hotel
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Calgary Bluesfest 2017 Kudos


Thank you to you and your crew! A great weekend of music. We will be back next year.
Al Wood, President
Saskatoon Blues Society Inc

We are definitely going to make plans to come next year. The music was terrific.
Sean D.
...yet another stellar weekend of blues - my fave Bluesfest in years and possibly, due to the number of first-time acts for me, my fave ever!

Brant Zwicker
At the Crossroads Radio

I had a ball and really appreciate your great programming, hospitality and wonderful volunteers.
Holger Peterson
Stony Plain Records, CKUA Radio, CBC Radio

I had the best night ever! Best volunteers I've ever encountered at an event... so friendly and helpful!

Ghost Town Blues Band and Angel Forrest were my two favourites of Bluesfest '17.
Kevin W.

Absolutely the best yet Cindy! Your behind the scenes team were gracious and total pros. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this event happen!
Debra W.

This was one of the best Blues Fest in recent memory, Cindy. Great work in getting that level of talent. It was fantastic right from the first bars on Thursday night! It'd be tough to pick a top act. Even a top 3. Thanks again for getting up a (nother) great weekend of blues.
Dale Sorenson
Gallery House Concerts

Mr. Sipp!!! Knocking a hole in it! What a great Calgary Blues Fest 2017. 
Arlene D.


I appreciate your hard work and for having me at this years festival.
Randy McAllister

Just a note from Jimmy, Hilary, Neil and myself to thank you and your volunteers for your kindness and hospitality on our recent visit to Calgary.  We were made to feel really welcome and greatly enjoyed playing to the warm and enthusiastic audience.  It's certainly one of the friendliest festivals that we have had the pleasure of being part of.
Bob Hall

The Paul DesLauriers Band would like to say a TREMENDOUS thank you to everyone at the Calgary International Blues Festival for putting on such an incredible festival!!! Your entire staff, crew, volunteers and hospitality is absolutely second to none!!! An especially heartfelt thanks goes to Cindy McLeod for giving us the opportunity to headline the Thursday night! We miss you already and look forward to the next time we get to see you all!! Thanks also to the wonderful crowds that were on hand to enjoy the excellent line-up all weekend!! It was a blast also to have our pal Jack Semple sit in with us and a big shout-out to Matt Isbell and the Ghost Town Blues Band for having Paul up to rock a few tunes with them too!!
Paul DesLauriers

Thanks for all. It feels sad to leave, so beautiful were all the "cats" involved with the festival.
Johnny Iguana

Thanks Calgary International Blues Festival for having us yesterday and allowing us to share the music that we love!
Ghost Town Blues Band

Great times playing with Sugar Brown (Ken Kawashima) and jamming with Johnny Iguana of The Claudettes last night!
Johnny Burgin

Big Love to everyone at the Blues fest. ... all the volunteers did an amazing job as usual. And all the performances were Stellar and a great mix.
Kelly Kruse

From the moment we arrived in Calgary until we flew home Sunday - a most hospitable red carpet was rolled out for us fellers in the Billy Joe Greenband line-up, Jimmy Guiboche & Brad Meadmore and for ALL the other Blues Artists that came from all corners of this continent to pay homage to the life blood of all popular music - THE BLUES. Meegwetch to all of Calgary's blues freaks/fans, Cindy McLeod's army of volunteers, including the hard working Cody Stewart, ALL the technical support, sound crew, stage hands & a big shout out to my amp guy Terry Maertz and everyone that made it ALL happen. I can't wait to do it again! Much love w/big sugar on top!
Billy Joe Green

... well, back home now and reflecting on the great weekend at the Calgary international Blues Fest, ... so satisfied and warm inside, ... Cindy McLeod ... and her whole crew, ... backstage with the boys, Mikes, both and Carl and Rick, and all the staff made us feel quite special, ... all the other acts we saw were fabulous and most of all, it was so very cool to see all my old pals again, some after such a long time, ... and making new friends, ... finally meeting Paul DesLauriers and his great band and also Angel Forrest II and her fine band, ... all in all the highlight of the summer so far, ... thank you so much Cindy McLeod you are truly a sister in our lil world of Blues, ... love ya and all, ... Ray Lemelin

Calgary has got it goin' on!
Sean Carney

Thanks again for having us this year! Calgary Blues Fest rocks !! Awesome team of generous and professional people there ! can't wait to come back in this beautiful city !!
Greg Morency

Thank YOU!!! XX
Angel Forrest

I'm sure it was amazing. The lineup was incredible!
Brandon Santini

congrats to you and your amazing team!
Dan Doiron


I volunteered for the Bluesfest this month and had a blast.
Dave R.

I really enjoyed volunteering at Bluesfest.
Ron E.

Loved being a volunteer at Bluesfest again!!!!!! Thank you!
Dorothy L.

Glad to be part of this great festival, the big thanks goes to YOU and your TEAM. 
Pat R.

I just wanted to thank you for a great experience at Blues Fest. It was truly an honour to be included...
Christine B.

I am honoured to be a part of your team. Calgary International Blues Festival has a special place in my heart.
Shannon B.

Can't wait for next year!!
Terence R.

Another Great Weekend, For All Of Us In Calgary
Mike B.

It's truly the magic of music, the opportunity to serve community, and great leadership. Benefits the world.
Jenn S.
Every year I'm amazed at the love people bring to the festival, the love and the kindness, it is truly a wonderful sight.
Kolese W.

Great group of folks - looking forward to "working" with you all next year!!
Susan K.

It was a great show! Looking forward to next year already!
Tim S.

Cindy, every year I say "this was the best lineup ever however" nothing topped this one!!!!
Gillian C.


What a fabulous weekend!! Thanks to all that came to support our booth!! We had so much fun! It was an honour to work with the awesome volunteer crew and to hang with old friends and make new ones.
Sara H.

terrific FEST
George S.